The New China, Empire of Fake and Kitsch ?


Statues of Spanish dancing Gypsies

I will not emphasize about the genius of Chinese to produce fake, whatever the domain … Everybody knows …

I just want  to talk about the way they have threw away their own old culture and how today, frantically, they attempt to invent a new one …

But a culture takes time to arise … Many centuries, sometimes millenniums …

China is, at least, a twice millenniums country of culture ! Its writing, its furniture, its architecture are the result of its long past …

Alas, how poor the actual environment is! Standard globalized architecture, aggressive shopping malls, overloaded decoration and furniture !

Modern China has completely changed the way to house its population. Most of Chinese are living now into impersonal 33 floors buildings … From the train, it is regular succession of skyline buildings … Of course, beyond these frenetic planning and construction, a housing bubble is hidden, ready to explode !

Frenetic consumption is also a characteristic of modern China. At the point that now, cities’ strength lines are determined by the malls !

A recent (huge) city like Wuhan, has no more down town but many centres organized around these new impressive temples of consumption called malls …

In these temples, like in some Buddhists’ shrines, nothing is too handsome to celebrate the divinity … But in these places it is God Money who is venerated !

To eliminate all hints of ancient culture like lanterns, huge calligraphies and so on, the decorators draw heavily from the most hackneyed clichés of westerner places …


Thus, you can have the surprise to see a gondola driven by it gondolier or Spanish Gyspsies in the middle of a mall ! So Kitsch, so poor inspiration ! But it seems to please customers …

And what to say about furniture ? The minimalist and outstanding Ming period armchairs are replaced by too large, too overabundant decorated armchairs, exactly in the way middle oriental people like !

Hainan Island

Baoting National Park and Forest



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