Ready to return to China, my suitcase is almost packed !


Beijing 2013

This time, for my eighth stay in the Middle Empire, I’ll do my best to write my blog also in English for my English speaking friends.

China is an incredible country who deserves to be visited. As usual, it is only across a direct confrontation with people, cities and landscapes, that we can hope to approach a tiny part of the reality.

My main purpose during these journeys is to catch pertinent scenes of Chinese daily life. When I walk in the streets I hold my camera in the left hand, always ready to shoot …

My asset is my guide and interpreter, a young chinese woman, an English teacher, who literaly opens for me the gate of China … Thanks to her, during my stay, I can live in full immersioin among Chinese.

Of course, life in China is hard for a westerner because of the permant and loud noise, even in the most blessed places as a Memorial …

But, wait and see … To be continued …




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