Wuhan, inhuman city !


In Les Noces, Albert Camus draws a horrible portrait of Oran, the Algerian city …

A city without soul, where men and women live their short life in the sun an the heat, surrounded by dust … Where women blossomed soon, are for the most married young, and went to death in pain and boring …

But Oran is rather a small city … Nothing to compare with Wuhan who is called a “megalopolis” !

The feeling of expanse is the first who catch your mind when you leave the airport … Incredibly distances … Two hours to reach down town, even if “downtown” is nowhere …

Let say, several downtowns,  around huge commercial and luxurious malls …

Permanent traffic congestion even if the avenues are rather large. The city is submerged by cars, probably because of the lack of public transportations (only four subways lines!) but rather because a car is the way to show your social status.

Of course, pedestrians are some kind of rabbits whom hunting are driver’s favourite leisure … Anyway, no question for them to cross the large avenues fully devoted to cars. They must use high gateways who step over the road … More safe but the equivalent of two or three staircases to go up ! Easy to use with a trolley or a pushchair !

Thus, quite impossible to go from a point to another one by simply walking. First because nothing is really designed for pedestrians. Second, because of the distances !

To summarise, not a very attractive city. Not because the expanse (Shanghai who is also large is much more interesting and attractive), but really because at the first glance nothing retain your attention except the noise, the dust and the over crowded roads …

Wuhan is reputed to be the automotive Chinese centre … No wonder the car is the City’s KING !






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